How to get WarpCopy64 working with RR+RR-Net: -Written by Xiny6581(

Ever wanted to play your favourite game, the game you wish to play every single day to night, the game you thought about meanwhile you were in School, daydreaming your day away just to get back home to the warm basement, where the C-64 stood waiting fro you!!.
You know what I mean. You know the feeling. You know the urge to complete the gold! But, Oh no!! The disk is broken! You cannot read it!
Don't worry - don't worry - lean back - take a deep breath - chill Because I have a solution for you, that really is working.

The solution is: Retro Replay + The Final Replay + Replay Replay Network
Note: First of all, make sure you've flashed one of the banks with TFRV04 or later and You probably wish to know how to do that, as well?
Don't you worry, because I've written an article about that too, as you can read if you go back to the index page.

Okay let's cut the slack and get down to the carrot.
I assume you know something about network and how to setup a LAN, in case you're totally lost all ready, I suggest you go borrow a book to do your homework about TCP/IP and "Networking", else just carry on and don't mind the preaching brain :)
1.0. Now it's time to install Codenet on both the C-64 and your PC. You do this by simply download the Codenet archive.(I've made it easy for you and put it on my site
1.1. The most way to get it working would be to extract the files into a directory eg. C-64:\RRnet\ or what so ever suits you.
2.0. After this you also should get WarpCopy64, since that's what we're going to deal with. You can get it from ( or google it up, I don't really care how you do it just get the bean into the blender ;)
2.1. Sweet now you probably should unzip the archive into the same directory that you unzipped Codenet (C-64:\RRnet\)
3.0. Now let's the fun begin by jazzing up Codenet on your C-64 (Yeah remember to switch to the bank you've the ROM flashed too before letting hell break loose).
3.1. You do this by either press F6 or type codenet and enter, of course :D
4.0. You should now see how the codenet starts up on the C-64 and it gives you some info about its version and all those coffee beans
5.0. When you see this, you simply roll over to the PC and opening a Command Shell (push the "windowskey" and R and in the "Run window you type cmd)
5.1. In the Command Shell you simply type "codenet -x WARPCOPY06.PRG -n
5.2. Yeah the "LAN IP" could be anything but since I am so wicked, I sent it to 64(that's where I have my babe and 128 for my C-128 and so on)
6.0. If everything went smooth out of the blue the C-64 started the warpcopy server! OMFG!! Calm down, calm down. It's NOT alive, it can't possible do things on its own. It's a sign that the network between your PC and C-64 is working
7.0. So you see that the C-64 and PC are talking, that's great. Now you just start "WarpCopy" on the PC.
8.0. It should be no problems to follow from here, since it's pretty much self explaining, but okay I'll help you to wipe your socket, this time
9.0. You might want to get a cup of coffee or a beer, since the next thing is really awesome!
10.0. Now, remember that favourite game you wanted to play so much? Yeah now it's cool. You search for the game by either using or what-ever-you-do. Just get the .d64 image.
11.0. If you resived something called !1, !2, !3...etc. It's 6-pac zipped files, and can be unzipped-> written to an .d64 image with a handy tool, as well. (google or die)
12.0. Insert a floppy into the drive (yeah on the c-64 clever boy :)) and squeeze the button "Write Image".
12.1. A little stick in the ribs could be to check the IP (the white checkbox beside the "Write Image" -button), so it corresponds to the IP you have on your C-64, would be pretty rough if one spoke Kurdish and the other spoke Mandarin, right? ;)
13.0. Let the floppy get soaped up with your favourite data-toast now! and Lean back and sip on your glass/cup/can/pint and feel how the data is getting you
14.0. When all is set and done, you can close WarpCopy64 on the PC and Reset your C-64.
14.1. NOTE I : Sometimes the drive might lock up, and you can't access it. Here's a handy trick I found out back in 1987 or so. You can type DOS"V" and it will try and "validate a disk", this Harry Potter's magic wand, will unlock the drive and then you can go on and wrap more disks
14.2. NOTE II : Also keep in mind that OLD disks can be hard to both read and write, so if you've tried one disk and it just won't work, try and format it via the C-64/C-128 and see if it works that way. If it doesn't work, well throw it away, so you won't hazel with it in the future. You still can order floppies for a nice price. So spare the trouble and spare your drive from getting retarded.
14.3. NOTE III : Alter the coffee.
14.4. NOTE IV : I found out that if you read/formatting the disk on your Commodore before wrapping an .D64 image to it, it can give you better results. Just a bit of a "save me I only have 3 floppies"-problem.
15.0. In my case I tried with the game, "Friday the 13th", and it worked great!. I could find Jason and put him back into the hole

Demos I have tried and successfully been able to "Warp" to the C-128 from .D64 images:

World of Code I - Byterapers
World of Code II - Byterapers
World of Code III - Byterapers
Follow The Sign III - Byterapers
Extremes - Byterapers
Total Epygt - Extend
O-Tech People - Active
Torture I - Padua
Torture II - Padua
Torture III - Padua
Torture IV - Padua
Torture V - Padua
Torture VI - Padua
Coma Job - Crest/Oxyron
Coma Light - Oxyron
Out of Coma - Oxyron
Out of Coma 2 - Oxyron
Biba 2 - Dream Injection - Arise

Yeah you get it - I tried a lot of stuff and the list could go on forever
Good luck,