How to flash a Retro Replay: -Written by Xiny6581(

I downloaded a customized "Tool Disk",I made it for the specific usage:

The disc I named "tools.d64", and contain:

3 Different versions of the Flash utility.
2 Cartridge images (The Final Replay V04 and Retro Replay 3.8p)

Okay since I really started from the very beginning, I had to use Contiki to even get the files transfered to the C-64(my case C-128D).
Somehow the shipped version of Contiki contains some bugs, I finally discovered a way to get "tools.d64" written to a floppy.
(By doing two backup disks of the Original disk.)
Yeah, you have to setup the network so it works for you... (won't even go through that part, since it's told in the manual)

Preparings before we can get the jazz going:

1. Start Contiki from your backup Disk!! (You need a backup disk, since it will be overwrited(you have been warned))
2. Press F1(To run a program)
3. Type in "wget.prg"
4. Type in the URL where you have the flash/rom programs/disk (You can use my customized disk from: )
5. Save the .D64 image to disk, by overwrite the Contiki disk
6. This will take some time, so an excellent idea would be to make yourself a couple cups of fresh nice coffee(for later use, as well)
7. Yeah, now the disk has been downloaded and you're eventually done with your first cup of coffee. Don't worry if you have to repeat this a few times, because Contiki CAN crash/freeze(No kidding ...two days of hard work)
8. Now the fun begins.

Let's get that babe flashed:

1. Make sure both dips on the Retro Replay are closed.
2. Insert the "tools" disk and load the "FLASH UTIL V.PRG".
3. When it's been loaded into the computer, you'll see a menu. In that menu pick F7 "Flash the ROM".
4. Select the file you wish to flash, by using the CRSR and then you press Y on that file you wish to flash(in my case i picked "TFR04.ROM"
5. The utility will read the ROM file and check the FlashROM contents and tell you what ROMs you have flashed in the banks. By default you only have a 64Kb ROM, "RR-header found. 3.8b", in bank 2(and you probably wish to keep this one, all right?).
6. Now, you'll be asked what bank you wish to flash and since Bank 2 is "taken", you pick Bank 1, that's free. and When it asks you "Are you sure?", you can spend a day thinking about it, or just press y.
7. It will open the file and a funny byte counter will show you what's going on. So now you can lean back and have another sip of that coffee I mentioned.
8. If you loaded the "Final Replay 04" -ROM, it will complain about "No header found, Unknown ROM". No worries... it will actually flash.
9. Okay, this will take a long time to actually flash the ROM.
10. Let the program tell you when it's done and when it's done... Turn off your C-64/C-128/C-128D and ONLY switch the "FLASH" dip back to its default (open), so it will read your new ROM. (yeah don't switch the bank, since you want the new ROM, right? ;))
11. If everything is okay, the ROM will be shown and you'll be happy. Somehow, it CAN fail.. but no panic, you can hardly destroy anything. So just go back to square one and do it over, till you get it working. (This is why you sometimes should NOT drink too much coffee, may cause you to get hyper).
12. Enjoy!

Good Luck

Below I've added some additional pictures, so you can see how it looked for me.

A note this documentation was written on my C-64 and uploaded to my site, just as a bit of flashing with the RR-Net :)